How we told it

We worked tirelessly to build a campaign across social media and beyond that achieved more than 200 pieces of media coverage – from CNN to two appearances on BBC Breakfast – and raised more than £200,000. All they had to do was row the Atlantic ocean. 

What they said

“Story Shop has been a vital part of our story. They made us see how much potential there was in our brand. They were our partners every stroke of the oars and because of their enthusiasm, creativity, work ethic, and experience, we trusted them to have complete control of how we told our story on our social channels and in the media while we were at sea. We were absolutely dumbfounded by the results.

We didn’t give them a lot to work with. The sporadic media we sent to them during our row was creatively transformed into engaging, layered content which helped us raise more than £130,000 for Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar. We now have a far bigger platform so we can continue to make a big difference. When we hit land we thought we’d be resting but we instead had to prepare for interviews with BBC World Service, CNN, BBC Breakfast, the Guardian and loads of other media which ended up generating more than 200 news articles. We’re recovering now but when it’s time for our next adventure, Story Shop will make sure you hear all about it.”

Jamie MacLean – The MacLean brothers

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