Scarlett and Gregor met at a nightclub in Glasgow in 2012. Little did they know then that one day they would not only get married, but start a business together. Gregor worked for a big PR agency and Scarlett worked in marketing.

They watched as Glasgow began to develop a collaborative community of entrepreneurs doing things differently, and became fascinated with their stories. They were inspired by their friends who had taken the bold leap to start businesses of their own. Those founders were proud of the cultures they were building and the positive impact they were making on society.

They  toyed with the idea of starting their own business. And they thought about it. And they talked about it. And talked about it. Until one day, they realised there was nothing stopping them. It was now or never.

So they got to work. They made a plan to work with people and organisations they believe in, becoming part of their team, finding their story and telling it to the people who matter. Together, they would build not just a marketing agency, or just a PR agency, but a storytelling agency.


I thought I would always be a journalist. But after five years, I decided to try something else, and that something was PR. When I moved into PR in 2014, I realised the skills I developed as a journalist finding stories which intrigued and excited people were just as necessary in PR. I love writing and I could still do lots of that. While working in a senior role at one of the UK’s biggest agencies, I worked with clients in every sector and realised how invigorated I felt when telling the story of organisations with a clear purpose.

This led to me opening Story Shop with my wife Scarlett in January 2020.


All I’ve known in my adult life is marketing. After completing a marketing degree, I spent the next eight years in marketing roles for some of Scotland's biggest shopping centres. During that time, I worked with hundreds of different retailers and agencies, and realised the importance of being customer-focussed, and of caring about each tiny detail.

Every single touch point for these retailers told their story; whether it was their social media channels, window displays or the way people were greeted when they walked in the door. I realised consumers will no longer settle for average and want to buy from brands with a story which resonates.

All this led to me opening Story Shop with my husband Gregor in January 2020.