We are inspired by the growing number of entrepreneurs who have created purpose-driven organisations which are making a positive impact on the world.

It was reading and listening to their stories – in books, newspapers, magazines, podcasts and documentaries – that encouraged us to start Story Shop.

When good companies are able to tell their story to a wider audience, it not only helps them do more good, it inspires others to do the same.

We want to be a megaphone for those brands we believe in.

Since Story Shop was born in early 2020, we’ve helped ambitious organisations with a purpose in food and drink, tech, wellness, education, charity and property to tell their stories to the world, using everything from PR to PPC.

We’ve made an impact for these companies by defining a clear brand story and strategy. We then tell that story where it needs to be told – in the media, on social media and everywhere in between.

We want to continue to grow not for growth’s sake, but by adding people and projects that excite and challenge us.



After five years as a journalist I moved into PR in 2014. I realised the skills I developed as a journalist - finding and telling stories that intrigued people - were just as valuable in PR.

While working in a senior role at one of the UK’s biggest agencies, I worked with clients in every sector and realised how invigorated I felt when telling the story of organisations with a clear purpose.

This led to me opening Story Shop with my wife Scarlett in January 2020.



All I’ve known in my adult life is marketing. After completing a marketing degree, I spent eight years in marketing roles for three of Scotland's biggest shopping centres. During that time, I worked with hundreds of different retailers and agencies, and realised the importance of valuing customers.

Every single touch point for these retailers told their story; whether it was their social media channels, window displays or the way people were greeted when they walked in the door. Consumers want to buy from brands they believe in.

This led to me opening Story Shop with my husband Gregor in January 2020.