M&S have launched a new addition to their (spectacular) Mayo range, The Salt & Vinegar Mayo.

You love Salt & Vinegar, you love Mayo. The only logical answer is to buy it, but the thought of combining the two is deeply disturbing, and you need some reassurance.

Logically, you open TikTok, and you search ‘M&S Salt & Vinegar Mayo’. 56 search results, all of which present authentic reviews from real people, even some tasty tips of how to consume the novel condiment combo. 56 people who have convinced you – run don’t walk – to your nearest M&S. Thanks TikTok.

Did the thought of conducting this search on Google cross your mind? Of course not, you’re Gen Z. Google is #dead. 

Gen Z.

The enigma wrapped in a meme; the disruptor with a scroll, swipe, and a short attention span. And their latest secret sauce? Ditching Google for information and embracing TikTok as their search engine of choice. Blasphemy? Not so fast.

While Google still reigns supreme for older generations, a seismic shift is happening. Forget keyword searches and blue links. Gen Z craves immediacy, authenticity, and entertainment – a trifecta perfectly served by TikTok’s bite-sized video format.

Why the Shakeup?

Real people, real voices.

No more dry text from faceless brands. Gen Z wants relatable perspectives, reviews, and tutorials straight from the horse’s mouth. Who better to trust about the latest eyeshadow palette than a beauty influencer with killer blending skills?

Information on fast forward.

Attention spans are shorter than ever. TikTok’s 60-second snippets deliver info in digestible chunks, keeping scrolling thumbs glued to the screen and information more retainable.

The algorithm knows best.

Google throws you a net and hopes you catch something relevant. TikTok’s algorithm tailors’ content to your interests, serving up a personal buffet of information you actually want to see and is relevant to you.

Entertainment disguised as education.

Learning shouldn’t be a chore. TikTok’s mix of humour, personality, and storytelling weaves knowledge into its very fabric, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Is Google Doomed?

Not yet. While Google might feel the tremors, it’s unlikely to crumble anytime soon. Its vast index and established authority still hold weight for many. But the writing is on the wall. Google needs to adapt, to inject entertainment and personalisation into its DNA, to cater to a generation that speaks fluent TikTok sounds and thrives on immediacy.

What does this mean for marketers?

The playing field has shifted. It’s time to ditch the dry, emotionless content and embrace the power of storytelling. Get your brand on TikTok, create engaging content that resonates with Gen Z’s values, and watch your reach and engagement soar. Collaborate with creators, embrace trends, and remember, authenticity is key.

The death of Google? Not quite. But the rise of TikTok as a search engine is a wake-up call. The future of information is dynamic, personalised, and entertaining. And Gen Z is leading the charge.

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