We’re hiring a Content Creator

What we’re looking for:

Content creator

Do you not only walk the walk but talk TikTok? Is your iPhone an extension of you, almost like it’s another limb? Good! Story Shop is looking for a Content Creator to help us tell our clients stories through social media. 

So what is “Story Shop”

When we set up our agency at the beginning of a global pandemic, we committed to doing things differently. 

With Gregor’s years of experience in PR and journalism and Scarlett’s decade working in marketing,  they know every brand touchpoint from a newsletter to a media release should tell each brand’s story – and that’s why they’ve now built a top team of Storytellers to help them make sure no touchpoint goes untouched. 

Since launching in March 2020, we’ve grown to a team of nine, each with their own skills, flair, and buzz for all things brand.

If you think you’d be a great fit for our shop, get in touch with gregor@wearestoryshop.com today!

If you’re looking for tips on how to apply to Story Shop, check out our blog post that’s full of them here.)

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