Working with us

We build and tell stories. In lots of different ways.
And when you shop with us, you can buy as much or as little as you like.

Whether you’re looking for a remote chief marketing officer, a shiny new strategy, a moment in the media or just need a bit of help with your blog post, come on in.

We’re just a small shop, but we’ve got big experience and we tell big stories.


Whether your strategy needs a bit of proofreading, an editor or a ghostwriter, we’ll work with you to develop a presence in the market that helps your brand find its soul and resonates with your customers and employees.


Think of us as your co-author. Let us take marketing off your hands, so you can concentrate on serving your customers. We’ll create your strategy and deliver it, manage your marketing budget and plug-in our little black book of strategic partners to transform your marketing function.


We have great relationships with journalists across the UK and we know what makes them tick. We’ll help you use the media to build brand awareness and your reputation, whether you know the story you want to tell, or need help finding it.


Are your blogs, social media posts or brochures an afterthought? Consumers have short attention spans. We'll grab their attention with content that adds value and creates intrigue.


Just as a positive story has a huge impact on a brand, so does a negative story. The way you manage an issue, or respond to a problem, can be detrimental to your brand. We’ll help make sure your customers aren’t spooked by a scary story.


Are you a brand from further afield that wants to communicate with a Scottish audience? We’ll teach you the lingo, plug you into the culture and help you find your voice and make it resonate north of the border.