Media campaign to announce product launch and crowdfunding.


POTR Pots would not have had the dramatic lift off it did without Story Shop. 

How to raise awareness and capture an audience is a science in itself. Story Shop were quickly able to cut straight to the key messages we wanted to communicate and convey them in a way which managed to capture the imagination of the media.  Our first three weeks after launch could only be described as a media frenzy, with coverage on the BBC and Daily Mail websites, newspapers across the UK and beyond and in key industry titles. 

As a start-up, PR was a daunting prospect, especially when managing so many other aspects of a new business. Story Shop are experts and being able to bring in their experience and contacts honestly one of the best decisions we have made. As we grow, we can’t wait for Story Shop to tell more of our stories.

Andrew Flynn


Full-service PR and marketing campaign to promote Broar’s row across the Atlantic.


Story Shop has been a vital part of our story. They made us see how much potential there was in our brand. They were our partners every stroke of the oars and because of their enthusiasm, creativity, work ethic and experience, we trusted them to have complete control of how we told our story on our social channels and in the media while we were at sea. We were absolutely dumbfounded by the results.

We didn’t give them a lot to work with. The sporadic media we sent to them during our row was creatively transformed into engaging, layered content which helped us raise more than £130,000 for Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar. We now have a far bigger platform so we can continue to make a big difference. When we hit land we thought we’d be resting but we instead had to prepare for interviews with BBC World Service, CNN, BBC Breakfast, the Guardian and loads of other media which ended up generating more than 200 news articles. We’re recovering now but when it’s time for our next adventure, Story Shop will make sure you hear all about it.

Jamie Maclean

Outside In

Media campaign to announce garden room boom.


Having previously owned a marketing agency, I know how rare it is for one agency to be able to be experts in both PR and marketing. After launching my Garden Room business two years ago, I’d had a lot of success promoting myself through online and offline advertising, but I had never been able to crack PR because it’s such a specialised area which requires real knowledge and understanding. 

Gregor and Scarlett listened and worked to really understand my business and my story. This quickly helped to achieve amazing coverage across the media landscape, which made a real tangible impact to Outside In. I’m certain my relationship with Story Shop will be a long and fabulous one.

Melanie Russell

Mark Beaumont

Full-service PR and marketing campaign to raise £231,000 for NHS charities together.


Story Shop are a fantastic team.  We launched a fundraising campaign, World In A Day and in a matter of days, they quickly co-ordinated this fast growing community with newsletters, social media and huge press coverage, including the Daily Mail, STV, BBC Radio and the BBC website. 

In just four weeks, the campaign raised more than £200k for NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 campaign.

My job was made a lot easier knowing they were co-ordinating everything behind the scenes.  They were willing to take leadership decisions and move very quickly. I look forward to working with them again.

Mark Beaumont


Virtual CMO service including pitching to investors and development and implementation of marketing strategy.


As a purpose driven entrepreneur all I ever want to talk about is work. The importance of every word, image, phrase and soundbite is critical which is why I chose Story Shop to be my voice. I had commissioned big agencies before and felt like I was just picking a number and given an off the shelf service. When I worked with a freelancer, it took up too much of my time.

The best thing about Story Shop is that you get director level experience, attention to detail and strategy, with the intimacy of working with a member of your own team.

Danny Campbell

Athlete Focused

Media campaign to announce Athlete Focused’s Covid-19 pivot.


When we had a story to tell, I never really contemplated speaking to one of the bigger agencies. I wanted a bespoke service which was delivered by like-minded people. From the outset, the work they put in to understand what we were trying to achieve gave us immediate confidence.

They were engaging, willing to challenge our thinking and guided us every step of the way to make the process extremely efficient. Our project was a great success, achieving coverage across the media landscape, including on the BBC website. The campaign delivered beyond my expectations and we’ll definitely work together in future.

Andy White

Tay Letting

Virtual CMO service including hiring a marketing co-ordinator and developing a marketing strategy.


Gregor and Scarlett are the ultimate dynamic duo. Their combined expertise in PR and marketing has allowed them to create the ideal one stop shop. It’s been fantastic for us at Tay Letting to know that all bases are covered. We really bought into the marketing strategy put forward by Gregor and Scarlett when we first engaged Story Shop. Since then they have continuously strived to push our brand forward, keeping their finger on the pulse whenever they see an opportunity to highlight or promote our business.

Their service is entirely bespoke, and there’s a lot to be said for a boutique agency in this respect. They take a genuine interest in our business and importantly have an understanding of what we‘re trying to achieve. They always make themselves available and we would recommend Story Shop to anyone looking for a full service CMO offering.

Marc Taylor