When Glasgow became Beavertown

You know what they say about Beavertown ads? You wait ages for one and then there’s one on the side of every single bus. 

I can’t remember the last time I saw a bus go by that didn’t have a Beavertown logo. 

Then every time I scroll Instagram, I’m served a Beavertown ad. I’m really not sure if this phenomenon extends beyond Glasgow, or if this is a targeted push, but Beavertown is everywhere right now. 

Why are they doing this? Well, it’s perfect timing. Beer aficionados have turned on Brewdog and there’s an opportunity for someone to steal a march and become the anti-mainstream mainstream beer. 

I have my own beer brands that I’m loyal to. But I imagine because of some of these ads, someone in my circle will try Beavertown. And then that someone might buy me a Beavertown or say: “you know I tried that Beavertown – and it’s not bad.” Ultimately, if I trust that person’s opinion that third-party approval will have more impact on me as a consumer. 

If the Beavertown tastes good, I might buy it again. And again. And again. 

Off the back of their ads, I’ve not followed them on social media, or bought a beer. But the brand has entered my consciousness more than ever before – and I’ve Googled them to find out more. 

Currently, all PR activity seems to be focused down south. So all the majority of consumers know about the brand in Scotland is:

  • Their colours are orange and blue
  • We should enjoy Beavertown beer responsibly

But it’s created curiosity. I’m sure there have been more Beavertown searches, more sales, and when they do more activity, people will recognise the brand. 

This aggressive advertising blitz won’t have come cheap, but it’s planted their flag and I expect there’s a lot more in the pipeline. Will it make Beavertown a household name? No one piece of marketing is a silver bullet, but I may be in the market for a can of beer, or multiple cans of beer, in the future and Beavertown is now on my radar. 

It seems Beavertown has been around for a while – there was a Guardian article in the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth games on the best beer pubs in Glasgow and they call out Inn Deep for stocking Beavertown. 

It also seems it has been stocked in Sainsbury’s since 2019. But it’s still not in our collective consciousness, so there is clearly an issue with them cutting through the craft beer noise. I wonder if an advertising blitz is being used to make us think it’s new? 

Beavertown opened its first pub in September this year. Could they be planting the seed for a challenge to Brewdog on home turf in the months ahead? 

More than anything else, it seems they have jumped on the chance to take advantage of Covid restrictions lifting and more people are going back out, so classic OOH advertising is being seen and people may be more likely to notice it after 18 months of being inside.

After all these ads, am I more likely to buy a Beavertown than I was last week?

Not yet.

But maybe someday.

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