How we’ve changed since winning our first award

In June 2021, we were named New Consultancy of the year at the PRCA DARE awards.

Here are ten ways it changed our agency.

  1. We can now tell people we’re an “award-winning agency”.
  2. We have a shiny new award in our previously empty trophy cabinet
  3. We have an insatiable hunger for more awards and now apply for 50+ a day – even if we’re not eligible
  4. We stand by the water cooler of our shared office at the Glasgow Collective and say things like “SO SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT HOW STORY SHOP ARE THE BEST NEW CONSULTANCY OF THE YEAR, RIGHT?” 
  5. Gregor got a tattoo of the award logo on his chest
  6. We have a new office dog – Pickles – who we adopted when he found our award after it was stolen while on display at a stamp exhibition.
  7. I’m struggling to think of a number seven. It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Maybe my blogging muscle is beginning to aTrophy 
  8. We have fallen out with our accountant after putting rental of an open top bus on the company credit card
  9. We have had to put a strict rota in place for taking the award home 
  10. We have put a job advert out on the Kickstarter scheme for a trainee engraver 

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