Little things, Big impact 

When making decisions, we typically ask those with direct experience. ‘Have you tried that new pizza place in Finnieston?’ ‘Have you ordered anything from this website before?’ More often than not, you’ll get a personal anecdote of why they would (or sometimes, wouldn’t) recommend it. ‘Oh, yeah, I ordered a dress from there – the packaging was really cute and they sent a lovely little handwritten note!’ 

They really matter

Sometimes small things like this also make for big dramatic moments in the films and TV we all like to watch, like the [spoiler alert] chocolate banana moment in the final episode of season two of The Bear. The burns of a previously fiery relationship were soothed by a small sweet treat on a stick. 

Who would have thought that anything from the anxiety-inducing episode ‘Fishes’ (S2, ep 7) would later reduce us all to tears? A tiny detail in an otherwise chaotic episode was recalled to give Richie his hero moment and illustrate just how powerful the small things can be.

Yes, I know I’m late to jump on The Bear bandwagon. I always am – I still haven’t watched Succession (don’t tell Gregor) and don’t get me started on The Sopranos (although I REALLY should). The fact seemingly small gestures we can all relate to persistently play pivotal roles in life and art demonstrates just how much we want to see them, but most of all experience them.

And it’s not just pizza preferences from pals

I also appreciate when brands and businesses sprinkle a little extra and deliver on the details. I repeatedly revisit the online shop that stashes a wee bag of sweets in with my order (I’m a sucker for some free Haribo), and even decided to sell my house on the basis of a warm and friendly phone call I had with a specific estate agent. We bonded over TikTok home influencers we both love, and despite not really chatting the nitty gritty, by the time the call ended, I may as well have had a ‘sold’ sign planted on my forehead.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, finding common ground and developing a – usually fleeting – relationship. If asked, I would sing their praises and wouldn’t hesitate to use that agent in the future. Although please don’t make me move again…that stuff is stressful.

When I met Scarlett and Gregor for coffee to interview for The Shop, they essentially told me that the ‘little things’ are their bag. It just made me all the more excited to work here. As a friend, I like to think my gift-giving is thoughtful and personal, normally verging on the handmade variety. I’m no stranger to a sewing machine and can often be found coming into the office with a tin of home-baked goodies. 

I’ve definitely found my people at Story Shop

Whether it’s crocheting bags for everyone, creating bespoke blends of coffee, designing personalised birthday cards or inviting everyone into HQ for regular events, we love nothing more than to surprise and delight both our clients and team. As a result, the team is proud to be part of, and clients want to work with Story Shop. Anecdotes are told, recommendations are made, and the beautiful circle of agency life goes on.

Which leads me to wonder – if the little things are what people love to do, what people love to receive and most of all, what people love to talk about, are they actually the big things?

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