Story Shop, a Glasgow-based marketing and PR agency, has launched its own coffee.

The Story Shop Blend, roasted by Glasgow’s Dear Green Coffee Roasters, is available to buy on Story Shop’s website. Coffee lovers got to enjoy a first sip when it was on batch brew at US V. Them Coffee in the Gallowgate earlier this month.  

The agency officially launched just days before the first lockdown in March by a husband and wife, Gregor and Scarlett Hollerin.

Having faced the sleep deprivation of starting a business during a pandemic, combined with having their first baby, Miles, in October, the couple have worked with Dear Green to create the perfect blend to get them through these challenging times – and now they want everyone to try it.

Coffee has been a vital part of the company’s story, as it worked with Dear Green founder, Lisa Lawson, to help the annual Glasgow Coffee Festival take to the streets for the first time ever in October.

Before lockdown, the company planned every element of their business in two of their favourite local coffee shops: Black Pine Coffee and Kelvin Pocket. Now, when not in lockdown, they’re in an office, at the Glasgow Collective in the Gallowgate, Dear Green Coffee Roasters are their next-door neighbours.

The coffee’s cover was designed by Story Shop’s first two employees, Storytellers  LaraLouisa Winnington-Ingram (who applied after seeing the job advert on Black Pine Coffee’s Instagram feed) and Katie McKenzie.

The Story Shop blend by Dear Green Coffee Roasters is made from washed AMACA beans, grown by a collective of women in El Tambo, Colombia, and natural Odaco beans grown by the Shantawene community in Ethiopia.

This vibrant coffee tastes of Golden Delicious, Opal Fruits and marmalade. All we know is that it’s delicious and has a flavour that sticks with you and is perfect to enjoy while reading, watching or listening to a good story.

Lisa Lawson, founder of Dear Green, said: “It’s been great working with the team at Story Shop on this coffee. It’s delicious, unique and super fruity.”

It’s already received rave reviews from Glasgow Live editor Gillian Loney, who gave the coffee five stars (hopefully that’s out of five).

The company’s first-ever client was world record-breaking rowers Broar. Their campaign helped raise more than £200K for Feedback Madagascar and Children 1st.  After trying the coffee, middle brother Jamie said: “If we had this coffee on board, we’d have rowed even faster.”

The company used this initial campaign as a launching pad to work with ambitious organisations with a purpose in food and drink, health and wellness, tech, education and property. At the start of the pandemic, Story Shop helped another Scottish world record-breaker, Mark Beaumont, raise £230K for NHS Charities Together.

Story Shop co-founder Gregor Hollerin said: “As a reward for those of you who’ve read this far down in our blog post, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re not really pivoting to coffee. There’s actually a very limited amount of coffee available to buy because the hassle of wrestling with Royal Mail to send out coffee would be far too time-consuming and divert us from our important client work.

“The main reason for doing this is that we wanted to create a unique gift for everyone that’s helped or supported us during our first year of business. It’s quite nerve-wracking to start a business but we are so glad we did – we have amazing clients who we genuinely believe in, an incredibly talented team and we’re part of a great community of partners who we work with on projects. If you helped us in any way, but didn’t receive a coffee, we reserve the right to blame Covid.”