An open letter to our first employee.

So far, this company has just been us – Scarlett and Gregor.

Now we’ve decided we need some help and are looking to make our first hire.

Our long-term vision for this company is to build a small, motivated, trusted creative team who constantly collaborate, and each bring their unique ideas, insight and quirks to the table so we can  build long-term relationships with clients and help them reach their goals.

To tell these stories, you need a blend of organisation and creativity. There are infinite ways we can tell clients’ stories, but social platforms and websites play a major part. So, we are looking for someone who’s skilled in social media management (required) and social ad management/ SEO (preferred).

Initially, this role will be on a six-month contract. This could be full-time, however we’re open to discussions around number of days, as long as we are confident we can gain the support required from the new team member.

You’ll be working from your home mostly. Because we’re a really cool company, and because of Coronavirus.

Job title to be discussed. Tell us what you’d like to be called and we’ll probably just go with that. Director’s taken but everything else is up for grabs.

Our commitment to you:

  • We realise being always on comes at a cost for creativity, productivity and happiness. You get what you celebrate, and we celebrate creativity, collaboration, honesty and enthusiasm, not presenteeism.
  • We’ve managed people before, but never without support from colleagues, HR etc. We’ve tried to build as much of a support system as possible so we can do as many things right by our first employee, but the likelihood is we’ll make mistakes. We’ll learn constantly from these mistakes and be the best managers we can be.
  • You’ll always be able to challenge us and execute your own judgement. If we’re hiring you, it’s because we believe in you, so we’ll trust you and listen to you.
  • We’ll treat you as a unique person; that’s why we won’t talk about perks or ways of working in this letter. As they will both be created around what works best for you. You can work where, when and how you work best, and we’ll always do our best to recognise the work you’re doing.

This is an exciting next chapter for us. Our company tell stories about brands and people we believe in. If you want to be part of our story, tell us your story at hello@wearestoryshop.com

Scarlett & Gregor