After being long-term readers, we finally subscribed to Monocle magazine and the latest edition arrived through our letter box. While we don’t really appreciate their coffee (give us Good Coffee Cartel any day of the week) and its constant obtrusive product placement in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee pretty much ruined the once wonderful series,  Lavazza runs a very interesting business.

We added a new recipe to the rotation.

TV made Scarlett (the latest episode of American Idol on Netflix) and Gregor (the finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Sky Comedy) briefly forget all about the Coronavirus . I hope nobody ever opens a spite Story Shop. 

For all the horrible brands who have shown their true colours, so have good brands.

With no football to speak of, Guardian Football Weekly podcast has found a creative way to fill the void – by deep diving into the stories of its panellists. Gregor has hardly missed an episode of Football Weekly since it launch in 2006 and who knew Sid Lowe had such an interesting back story? Bring on the episode with Barney Ronay one of Gregor’s favourite writers, who once described Niall Quinn’s demeanour during his TV appearances as being “increasingly like a corrupt policeman falsifying evidence in front of a local authority sub-committee.”

Ian Burrell wrote a fantastic and quite correct piece in The I (which we’ve also recently subscribed to for delivery as our daily constitutional to the local Sainsbury’s would be a fragrant flouting of the rules of #UKLOCKDOWN) about the BBC’s value as an essential partner to the Government and as a public service during times of pandemic pandemonium.

Ian Marland’s story about a Hyndland couple stupid enough to start a business during a global pandemic in Glasgow West End Today.

Tiger King. Everything about it is incredible. Especially the country music videos.

Our clients, like Athlete Focused,  are finding new and creative ways to navigate this unprecedented storm.

The Road prepared us for life in a post-Apocalyptic world.